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by Tina Ngo, Westminster, California Date Added: Saturday 18 August, 2012
The anti-cellulite cream works really well! When I have time before I go to bed, I usually apply it on my thighs and butt because thats where I have the most cellulite. I would see results as soon as 3 days! I dont feel as embarrassed when I go to the beach and wear a bikini. The cream has really helped fade the cellulite on my skin.

by Tuyet Tran, Westminster, California Date Added: Thursday 17 February, 2011
I have been using the NVive Body Sculpture cream for a while now. I have struggled with my weight ever since I was young, and I have finally found a solution. As a single, working mother, it gets hard to find time to go to the gym. Every night, I would massage the Body Sculpture on my stomach and wear a massaging belt. I could go about cooking and cleaning my house while the belt massages the cream into my skin. I went from a size 8 to a size 4 after the 4th bottle of the Body Sculpture. It worked so well that people thought I had liposuction!

by Binhyen Le Date Added: Friday 08 January, 2010
Thank you NVive NY for the Body Sculpture cream! I have been using it for a month. I can feel my stomach getting tighter. My waist was reduced at least one size. Now, Ill be able to fit into the clothes I bought last spring! Thanks a bunch NVive!

by Sara Tran Date Added: Tuesday 09 November, 2010
I have used countless anti-cellulite products, many of which were very costly and none produced results significant enough to talk about. N'Vive Body Sculpture is the only product that I have used that really works. Thank you N'Vive for bringing joy to my life!


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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews) Result Pages: Page:   1 
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