N'vive Cau Q Shampoo
Prevents hair loss & reduces dry and itchy scalps
The N'Vive CauQ Shampoo and Body Wash is the most effective product on the market for its function. Areca palm extract formula focuses on strengthening hair, treating dry scalps that result in dandruff, controlling oil production, and also calms itching. N'Vive CauQ is guaranteed to reduce recessive hair loss for both men and women.


Elegant and Effective…Increases Hair Growth
This new and wonderful shampoo is made primarily of NATURAL Areca Palm Oil Extract. The tannin of the nut produces Gallic Acid and becomes Areca. Most users say this is the best shampoo on the market.
• Strengthens the hair follicle and stops hair loss, even your family and friends will ask about it
• Increases the very volume of the hair beginning the first wash…..the hair becomes thicker
• Highly concentrated shampoo with conditioner so you will use less on each application, saving money
• Has a highly functioning anti-fungal activity and can also be used as a combination body wash
N'ViVe shampoo is so well received on the market that you will continue to get reorders, increasing your bottom line.


Areca Palm Extract, Sodium Lauryl Ethylsulfate, Niacin, Menthol

How to Use

Completely soak your hair with water by rinsing it for a minute. Squeeze out a small amount of shampoo onto the palm of your hands, then massage into the scalp of your head. A lot of shampoo is unnecessary as a small amount of shampoo will emulsify the dirt and oils to completely and effectively clean the hair and scalp. Massage the shampoo into your scalp using your fingertips, but not too vigorously. Completely rinse your hair so that there are no signs of soap and bubbles.


 Can it get rid of the flakes and dandruff on my scalp?
Dandruff is a result of excess sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells that build up over time. The shampoo contains Areca Nut, which is known to be an antiseptic, as an active ingredient in order to reduce the accumulation of bacteria. It also controls sebum production to stabilize the amount of oil, which helps prevent the formation of flakes.

2. How do I use this shampoo accurately?
In order to get the best results, scrub the shampoo into the scalp of your head, beneath your hair so that it completely removes bacteria and excess dead skin cells.

3. How long do I use the shampoo for before I can get result?
It is recommended that you use the shampoo each time you shower so you can maintain the effectiveness of the shampoo. Most customers see results right after the first wash.

4. Will this shampoo treat my dry hair?
Yes, dry hair can be a result of excessive chemicals or burning, such as from curling and straightening. Cau Q Shampoo is made of natural ingredients that work to stabilize sebum production and increase circulation so that nutrients continue to feed the hair follicles and keep it healthy.

5. Will it get rid of my hair odor?
Hair odor can be a result of the accumulation of bacteria with the presence of excess sebum. The shampoo is made of Areca Nut, which is known to be antiseptic, so that it stops and prevents the growth of bacteria. The shampoo also controls the production of oil so that hair odor does not have the ability to develop.

6. Is this shampoo safe for my children?
Yes, it is made of natural ingredients so that it is safe and effective for the whole family. Especially during growth spurts and puberty, children have excess production of oils that may create unwanted odor. This shampoo can be used to reduce and prevent the smell.

7. I’m losing my hair; can I use this shampoo?
Yes, the use of Cau Q Shampoo helps to strengthen hair follicles, which prevents hair from easily shedding. It continues to keep the hair roots healthy so that the hair is kept healthy.

8. Can I use Cau Q Shampoo on my body?
Yes, the anti-fungal property of Cau Q shampoo makes it ideal as a body wash as well. It can be lathered all over the skin so that both the hair and body are clean and free from bacteria and dirt.

9. I am a loyal customer for Natural Cream, is there a special promotion for me?
We love to reward our loyal customers and show you our appreciation for your business. You have the opportunity to receive a free gift* upon filling out the following form. Please email and attach the form to nvive99@yahoo.com.

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Cau Q Shampoo With Areca Nut Extract
“The Forluma that makes up the Shampoo allows for full penetration and cleansing of the scalp.”

The traditional wisdom shared by our grandmothers is passed down from generation to generation, varying between cultures. From the strategic art of using a pair of chopsticks to the respect in bowing to one’s superiors, these mark a couple communal Asian customs that have diverged to include techniques unique to its own country. Despite cultural distinctions, there is a remarkable resemblance in most Asian countries in how they approach their health regimen. Before the advanced concoction of chemicals and today’s scientific knowledge, how did our ancestors survive the bacterial infestation of living in the forests, bathing in unsanitary water, or eating contaminated food? To treat every day ailments to chronic illnesses, our great-great-grandparents relied on the power of the local flowers and plants, with “trai cau,” Vietnamese for the areca nut, being the greatest shared wonder in numerous countries of south Asia and the tropical Pacific.

Whether it is called “màak” in Laos, “slàa” in Khmer, or “supārī” in Hindi, the areca nut has dated back 4,000 years across the East with a variety of uses to stress its importance. Used primarily for chewing, sometimes simultaneously with lime or betel leaves, the areca nut is known for its warming and euphoric sensation. In Vietnam, the areca nut was deemed so sacred in love that any matters revolving marriage was described to be of “the betel and areca.” This belief was shared in Malay as they have a proverb, “Like a betel nut divided in half,” to compare the use of the areca nut and betel leaves to the compatibility of the ideal couple. Correspondingly, Assam saw the areca as a prime symbol for fertility. Furthermore, in India, it was used for royalty as a breath-freshener and relaxant. Today, the areca nut is still used extensively in countries such as India, China, Taiwan, Philippines, and Cambodia to name a few as a great socializing tool among the working class as a stimulating effect to overcome long work hours and pastime. Besides from being used as a great way to initiate friendly conversation or admired for its symbol for love and marriage, it is also utilized vastly for its medicinal function as an anti-bacterial agent.

To convey its traditional benefits in easing sickness, the areca nut has been combined with medicinal practices to treat various illnesses. In its natural state, it was chewed habitually after meals with the notion that it had insecticidal ability to help digestion and relieve fatigue. Progressively, it has been used to soothe manic thoughts in schizophrenics, improve muscle strength in stroke and brain injury patients, reduce blood sugar and iron deficiency in anemic patients, and promote anti-cavity mechanisms. The areca seed has been noted for its capability of being anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anthelmintic, ideal characteristics to expel parasites and inhibit the growth of bacteria. 

Speaking of bacteria, the human scalp harbors many harmless microorganisms that can become invasive if infectious conditions are left untreated. Under certain conditions, bacteria can thrive exponentially within a short period of time in certain environments, such as people with oily scalps. With the presence of the exogenous microbes, there are sensory receptors and mediators from the skin that are activated in response to the inflammation of the scalp that produces an itching sensation. Inflammation is the bodily reaction to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens and damaged cells, in attempt to destroy the irritants. It is no wonder that common scalp infections,
such as seborrheic dermatitis, tinea capitis, and folliculitis, usually caused by bacteria are associated with redness, hair loss, or severe itchiness.

Coupled with the presence of bacteria, some people experience dandruff and odor of the scalp. Dandruff is small white flakes that emerge from the scalp and is visible on dark hair, shirt collars, or shoulders. It is so common that it is reported to affect 45-50% of the world (P&G Beauty & Grooming Science). The scalp consists of natural oils, called sebum, that are secreted from the pores in order to moisturize the hair. Like any other skin cell, the scalp also replaces and recovers its old skin with new skin. However, when the scalp sheds skin cells at an accelerated rate, the oil consequently creates a bundle full of cells. The bacteria on the scalp also feed off of the oil and flakes that are collected over time, speeding up the rate in which the cells shed. The dandruff that falls from one’s scalp is essentially an accumulation of dead skin. However, since it takes 3 to 4 weeks for new skin to replace the old skin on the scalp, the plaque continues to build up, contributing to a constant cycle of irritation. Many people also suffer from scalp odor, which is the combination of bacteria and sweat secreted from the apocrine glands, which secrete fatty sweats to the surface of the skin when the body is under stress. The odor is a result of the bacterial breakdown of the sweat droplets. Ultimately, the best resolution is to eliminate bacterial growth to regulate dandruff and odor.

The contents of the areca seed is considered perfect in the creation of a shampoo to alleviate troubling scalp symptoms described above, giving birth to the innovation of N’Vive’s Cau Q Shampoo. The areca nut consists of tannins that produce gallic acid, which is used in many ointments for psoriasis, a common skin condition that causes redness and irritation. There are essential oils and terpineol to promote pore binding and anti-microbial effects. Another component of the nut includes saline substances, a crucial component in cleansing wounds and skin abrasions. Besides its ability to remove bacteria, the massaging of the shampoo into the scalp prevents the secretion of signals sent when the body is under stress from irritation. While removing the bacteria, it eases the skin’s urge to swell and react in the presence of bacteria due to its anti-inflammatory nature, further reducing redness and itchiness. The individual functions of each component collectively make the areca nut the most ideal for use in a cleansing shampoo.

With the traditional wisdom behind the areca nut and today’s advanced technology, the intelligent mixture of selected ingredients has provided a natural solution for those suffering from scalp irritation. The menthol mint oil is added to cause a calming and warming relief, increasing blood circulation that supplies the blood vessels bound to the hair follicles with nutrients to feed the hair, keeping it healthier and stronger. With no harsh chemicals or thickener, Cau Q Shampoo is presented in its most natural state, without emulsifying the ingredients, to maximize the natural effects and benefits of the shampoo.  Unlike other products in the market, there are no residues that are left behind on the hair or body due to the exclusion of silicone as an ingredient. The formula that makes up the shampoo allows for full penetration and cleansing of the scalp. At an affordable price, Cau Q Shampoo is easily accessible when necessary. With all things considered, the invention of the Cau Q Shampoo is based on the traditional principles of the past coincided with the knowledge of today, providing those in need for a solution to recover their damaged scalp and hair.


My hairline has been balding for some years now and I didnít know what else to do other than shaving my hair every time I went to get a haircut. My mom recommended the NíVive shampoo to me and I started to use it in my daily showers. My hair was noticeably growing. It was incredible! - Duy Tran, 31, Westminster, California
When I first heard about NíVive products, I was doing my nails. I was telling them about my problems with my hair. My nail technician always recommend the best products, but none every worked for me. One day, I went to the salon and she was recommending these new products one this line she was selling, which was NíVive. I was hesitant since I became skeptical after the many failed products. But I trust my nail technician; I consider her family, so I bought the hair shampoo. I was using the product for about a week. I completely noticed the difference. I noticed my hair wasnít falling out, my hair dried quicker, and looked healthier! I was so happy! - Michelle Flores, New York


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