N'vive Facial Wash Exfoliator
Cleanses the face while removing dead skin cells and purifying clogged pores
N'Vive Facial Wash EX-foliator will help even out skin tone, prevent acne breakouts, and flush out clogged pores. The Epsom salt in the EX-foliator provides the grains that gently help scrub away the dead slough on the surface of our face, exposing the newer and younger skin.


This facial cleanser scrubs away impurities and unwanted black heads with its cleverly formulated natural herbal extracts. The granulated Epsom salt deeply and gently cleans below the surface while the aloe vera and pandan oil heals and soothes the skin.
Ingredients:  JoJoba oil, cucumber, aloe-vera, pandan leaves oil extract, vitamin A, E, Stearic, Saponin Cocoamid, Epsom Salt UPS fine grade, FDC Green.

Caution: Do not take internally. Keep away from children. Only apply once every 8 hours.


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JoJoba Oil, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Pandan leaves oil extract, Epsom Salt UPS fine grade

How to Use

Wash your face with water. Scoop a quarter-sized amount onto three fingers of your hand. Rub fingers of both hands together and massage onto damp face is a circular motion, around the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. Massage thoroughly for a couple minutes as the Epsom salt will remove damaged skin cells and clean the face from impurities. Wash the face with warm water and dry with towel.


1. What is exfoliation?
Exfoliation is a method of removing the dead skin cells that build up on the surface of your skin. New skin cells are developed every day, all over your body. With time, the skin cells begin to age and become dry, dying every 28th day. Approximately, 50,000 dead skin cells are shedding every minute, while some fall off and some do not. As it accumulates, your skin looks rough, your pores are clogged, and the pigment of your skin appears dull. N’Vive Face Exfoliation will help expose the younger, smoother looking skin hidden under the dead cells that cover your body.

2. How often should I use this exfoliator?
Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, the frequency that you should exfoliate will vary. Most experts agree that two to three times a week is sufficient with typical exfoliators since over-exfoliation may lead to irritation and the removal of healthy cells. However, the Epsom salt present in our N’Vive Face Exfoliator is gentle enough where it can be used daily to cleanse the face.

3. How do I exfoliate?
Gentle application on the face in a circular motion will do the trick. Exfoliation is the physical means of rubbing off the dead skin cells, so it helps to massage the Epsom salt evenly across the face.

4. Is N’Vive Face Exfoliator safe to use on children?
It is unnecessary to use exfoliation methods on children since they do have younger, pure skin. However, for adolescents or blooming teenagers, exfoliation is essential in maintaining a clean, healthy face, especially with the excessive production of hormones and sebum. N’Vive Face Exfoliator will help prevent breakouts of blackheads and acne. However, if the child is still young, their face is still sensitive; therefore, gentle exfoliation every other day will suffice.

5. Does the Face Exfoliator contain harmful chemicals?
No. N’Vive Face Exfoliator contains natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, which also helps heals and restores damaged skin cells. Aloe vera is infamous for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, especially in cases of sun burns. Aloe vera helps the skin feel rejuvenated and fresh, the perfect kind of feeling you want to have after washing your face.


Facial Exfoliation: Say Hello to Aloe
Among many other features, the face consists of the largest organ of the human—the skin. Amid many roles, it covers and protects our body from unwanted bacteria and foreign antigens. Every day, new skin cells are born and over a span of a month, they rise slowly to the surface of the skin, creating the epidermis—the outer layer mass of skin that we see when looking in the mirror. Eventually, the skin begins to detach and gets ready to shed off. If you look closely in the mirror, you will notice some of the 20,000 pores on your face; they secrete natural oils to keep our skin hydrated and moist. Since each pore has a corresponding hair follicle, it easily enables dirt and oil debris to collect around the pore. However, with approximately 30,000 dead skin cells shedding off every hour, it isn’t hard for some flakes to fall into the follicle. With the pores occluded of sebum, grime, and dead cells, the face is prone to having blackheads, inflammation, and acne.

With those dead skin cells accumulating, it is no wonder our face becomes more dull and lifeless with time. The keratinocytes in the epidermis also begin to break down as we age and are less efficient in repairing wounds and scars. There are many other factors, such as sun damage, loss of estrogen, skin type, or skin disorders, that contribute to the collapse of our skin’s natural exfoliation. Our body’s own mechanisms start to become inadequate in keeping our face looking young and rejuvenated, requiring manual cleansing.
Exfoliation is a necessity in facial skincare routines that many people overlook. It is a means of helping our skin remove the dead cells, dust, and small particles that are collected and remain stationary on the surface of our face as we go on with our day. As the contaminants continue to pile up, the pigment of our face becomes discolored and the texture grows thick and rough. If the surface of our face is unclean, it is difficult for the skin to drain the pores from impurities. Consequently, the follicle openings are enlarged, resulting in larger pores, and blackheads begin to appear.

In order to revive our face to become smoother, refreshing, and free of blemishes and wrinkles, exfoliating products, such as N’Vive’s Face Wash Exfoliator, will help even out skin tone, prevent acne breakouts, and flush out clogged pores. The Epsom salt in the exfoliator provides the grains that gently help scrub away the dead slough on the surface of our face, exposing the newer and younger skin. As our pores are polluted, bacteria can make its way into the blockage, causing inflammation. With the help of N’Vive’s Face Wash Exfoliator, the redness and swelling can be alleviated. On top of being an effective exfoliator, N’Vive’s Face Wash Exfoliator contains natural ingredietns to help heal and soothe the skin.

As our face undergoes constant trauma from dirt accumulation and acne breakouts, our skin appears more and more damaged. However, with N’Vive’s Face Wash Exfoliator, the cleanliness of our face can be better controlled. “How?” you ask. Say hello to Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera, an essential active agent in the exfoliator, contains vitamins and minerals that do more than leaving the skin soft and smooth; it also assists in healing our skin from burns, radiation damage, and the body’s inflammatory response. For the excess oils that are secreted from the pores, the vitamin A reduces the size of the sebaceous glands, lessening the amount of oil produced. Vitamin E present in Aloe Vera is an antioxidant, protecting our skin cells from molecules, such as the sun’s UV rays, that lead to damaged cells. When there is a wound inflicted onto the skin, there is a series of events that follow. A clot is formed, the injury is cleaned, and granulation tissues initiate the proliferation phase, eventually leading to complete recovery. However, this process may take months or years before the skin appears normal again. The Aloe Vera in the exfoliator contains components that accelerate recovery and increase expression of cell restoration. Immediately after an injury, collagen is triggered and, with Aloe Vera, the content increases, better facilitating the extracellular matrix of connective tissues for wound strength. Aloe Vera also contains bradykinase, auxins, and gibberellins, which are factors in reducing skin inflammation. The vasoactive substances are blocked and the blood supplies are re-established in order to reduce the red swelling that appears on our face from the dilated capillaries. Cell signaling is enhanced with the increased stimulation of epidermal growth factors, which assists with cell multiplication, migration, and proliferation. The healing time is, therefore, shortened and the increased collagen content provides healthier expression of the final scar. Similarly, the pandan oil present in the exfoliator provides additional anti-bacterial activity and healing properties.

The gentle circulation of N’Vive’s Face Wash Exfoliator will help clean your face from the compilation of everyday dust and grime. With the granulated Epsom salt, it thoroughly cleans, but is gentle enough and safe for daily use every 8 hours. After exfoliation, there will be visible signs of your face looking more youthful and smoother. Blackheads will diminish and the redness will be calmed. Your face will look healthier than ever before once you meet Aloe Vera.


After using the NíVive Face Wash, I can feel my face feeling much softer and smoother than before. Thank you for the facial wash! I love it! - Bianca V, New York
I have used NíViveís Natural Cream and Serum and loved the results. When the Lipcolor came out, I was so happy and wanted to give it a try. The Lipcolor really provides moisture and a fair amount of color that is long lasting unlike other products I have used. - Melissa Basdeo, 25, Bronx, New York
My face feels very smooth and clean after just the first use of NíViveís Face Wash. It is an excellent product! - Renee Douglas, 32, Bronx, New York
I have been using the NíVive Lipcolor on my lips and have even recommended it to my daughter. We both love it! Our lips are getting better and itís a lot smoother than before! - Renee Douglas, Bronx, New York
The NíVive Exfoliator Face Wash has gone beyond my expectations and I am completely satisfied. It has done everything it has advertised to provide. I will refer my friends and family to use this product. - Esther Giboyeaux, 27, Bronx, New York
I love that my face is soft and smooth all thanks to the NíVive Exfoliator. - Lena Pham, Deer Park, New York
I love the NíVive face wash! The pleasant smell always lingers after each use. I could feel my face getting softer and smoother. There is a sense of freshness every time I wash my face with the face wash. - Binhyen Le, 38, Bronx, New York
I love the NíVive Lipcolor! Itís very long lasting and you donít need to apply a lot in order to have smooth, moist, and beautiful lips. - Winsome Wilson, 51, Yonkers, New York
I love using NíVive Lipcolor! My lips stay smooth even after the lipcolor is gone! My lips remain smooth and it has really helped my cracked lips. I love that my lips stay moist and my lips are no longer cracking and dry. It feels wonderful! - Ivette Marrero, Yonkers, New York
The exfoliator is an excellent product for all skin types! I have oily skin and used other cleansers in the past, but never get the results I wanted. The NíVive Exfoliator has limited excessive breakouts and has made me feel better and more confident. The natural ingredients are certainly a plus! - Karen Kelly, 44, Bronx, New York


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