Nívive Sun Powder Protection
Protects the face from broad spectrum sun radiation
Controls excessive sweat and oil production
Conceals unwanted blemishes
N'Vive Sun Protection Powder contains ingredients that provide benefits that serve all women who desire to enhance their natural beauty. It retains moisture in order to keep the skin from appearing oily and damp from natural secretion of sebum and sweat. The zinc oxide provides full spectrum sun protection; with our face exposed to the sun on a daily basis, we need to protect our skin cells from free radicals that promote skin aging, damage, and wrinkles.


N’vive Sun Powder Protection foundation offers invisible and weightless coverage that looks just like skin.

*This long-lasting formula evens skin tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, conceals imperfections, and offers a broad spectrum of UV protection.

*The hydrating Oil-Free foundation leaves skin feeling soft, comfortable, and clean. 

*N’Vive SP foundation is ideal for all skin types.

  • N’vive SP Powder  is an all-in-one cosmetic and skincare product. SP Powder can act as foundation, concealer, or sunblock.
  • The N’vive SP Powder combined with the N’vive Serum, which has whitening properties, effectively minimizes wrinkles for bright supple skin and offers UV A and UV B protection.

Ingredients: Talc fine powder, mica powder, tipaque-Tio2, magnesium stearate, palmitate vitamine A, isopropyl  myristate Vitamine E, propyl paraben, fd&c yellow#5, fd&c  blue1, iron oxide, zinc oxide, fragrance, aloe vera terpenoid extract resin.

Get radiant smooth skin instantly with N’vive SP Powder !


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Talc fine powder, mica powder, tipaque-Tio2, magnesium stearate, palmitate vitamine A, isopropyl myristate Vitamine E, propyl paraben, fd&c yellow#5, fd&c blue1, iron oxide, zinc oxide, fragrance, aloe vera terpenoid extract resin

How to Use

Method 1: Sun Protection Powder Alone
Open the top of the lid carefully. Hold the container with the thumb on the bottom and your middle finger holding down the included makeup pad. Shake the container up and down a couple times so that the powder is able to adhere to the pad. Pick up the makeup pad and gently apply to the whole face. Complete coverage is crucial for total protection and even skin color.

Method 2: Sun Protection Powder + Serum
Pump appropriate amount of serum onto the palm of your hands. Shake some powder onto the palm of your hands as well. Use your clean finger to mix the products to create a liquid formula. Rub your palms together and apply on the main areas of your face: cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Massage in a circular motion for complete and even coverage.


1. When am I supposed to use Sun Protection Powder in my makeup routine?
Sun Protection Powder is meant to assist in your daily makeup routine to provide for enhanced coverage and sun protection. It is best used after applying N’Vive Serum, which oxygenates the face and circulates blood flow, and before your usual concealer and foundation color.

2. I’m a male. Can I use this Sun Protection Powder as well?
We do have male customers using Sun Protection Powder. Because it provides for such a natural look after a few minutes after application, our male customers are not afraid of other people noticing that they’ve applied the Sun Protection Powder to their face. Everyone needs to protect their skin from the sun’s radiation, so if you are comfortable, feel free to use it.

3. The available shades do not match my skin tone. What can I do?
We provide 3 colors: dark, light, and pink. Many of our customers like to mix our dark shade with the light shade to obtain the best color to match their skin color, which may fall in between the dark and light. Those with lighter tones tend to match well with the light shade since, over a span of a few minutes, the powder sets into the skin, creating a natural look.

4. My skin is too oily and I tend to sweat a lot. Is this the right product for me?
Yes. This Sun Protection Powder was meant for oily and sweaty faces. The powder controls and balances the sebum production, which prevents excessive glow and shine.

5. My skin is dry. Is this the right product for me?
Although Sun Protection Powder can be used for all skin types, N’Vive Liquid Foundation will work better for your drier type. The N’Vive Liquid Foundation will provide you with better moisture, which will help restore healthier skin.

6. Will this powder clog my pores?
No, but non-comedogenic N’Vive Serum can be used prior to applying the N’Vive Sun Protection, which will prevent pores from being clogged.


NíViveís Sun Protection Powder to the Rescue
It’s difficult being a woman. With our busy schedule and all the products we apply in our daily routine, it can get frustrating when we’re running late and don’t have the hour to get ready. We clean, tone, moisturize, and dab more products on our face to ensure we look flawless for work, school, or those friendly lunch dates. Sometimes, we even forget to protect our skin from those damaging UV rays. It can be such a hassle in the mornings, especially when we want to hurry out of the house. With beauty, it takes time, but sometimes we just don’t have those extra minutes to spare.

What if there was a product that can make your life just a little bit easier? N’Vive has formulated the Sun Protection Powder and _____________________ in order to save you time and energy by providing a foundation, concealer, and sun protection all in one. Both formulas work to even the skin tone, minimize appearance of pores, conceal imperfections, and provide UV protection. Although they are both compatible for all skin types, the Sun Protection Powder is more ideal and beneficial for oily faces, while the _____________________ is best for normal and dry skin types.

N’Vive’s Sun Protection Powder is formulated with ingredients to provide the best coverage for a natural and flawless look. The talcum fine powder is the softest known mineral, providing smooth and comfortable application. It absorbs moisture in order to keep the skin from appearing oily and damp from natural sebum and sweating. Due to its astringent property which prevents rashes, it is also commonly used in deodorant and baby powder. The refractive characteristic of mica powder gives the powder a shimmering effect to allow for a more radiating and natural look. It reflects just enough light to give a glowing appearance, rather than an overwhelming shine. Your face will be concealed all day due to the addition of magnesium stearate, which functions to repel water in order to prevent the powder from wearing off over time. With the face exposed to the sun on a daily basis, we need to protect our skin cells from free radicals that promote skin aging, damage, and wrinkles. When our skin is exposed to UVA and UVB radiation, we have a deficiency of vitamin A. The palmitate mimics the antioxidant characteristic of vitamin A to penetrate the outer layers of the skin to deflect damaging rays. The zinc oxide also works to provide broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB damaging sun rays. Additionally, the aloe vera extract allows for a cooling effect that protects from sun irritation and burns. The colors added in the powder mimics natural skin tones and blends naturally, concealing blemishes and uneven pigments. N’Vive’s Sun Protection Powder is created with ingredients meant to provide benefits that serve all women whom desire to enhance their natural beauty.

Instead of paying more money and wasting time to apply several different products, with one powder, our face can be more protected and our makeup can look more natural. These foundations not only work to conceal our insecurities by boosting our confidence and enhancing our beauty, it also protects our skin from subtle signs of aging, such as fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. So the next time you miss the alarm for the important business meeting, N’Vive’s Sun Protection Powder or _____________________ are there to save your day.


My favorite NíVive product is the powder foundation. I used to never wear foundation unless itís a special occasion, but since NíVive products are made from natural products and not harmful chemicals, I actually considered using it. Now, I am in love with it and I use it on the daily. It feels light on my skin and I even forget that Iím even wearing it sometimes! - Tina Ngo, Westminster, California
I have been using the NíVive Sun Protection Powder in the beige color. I love it because the loose powder keeps my makeup on all day! I am always out and about, so itís convenient that I never have to reapply or touchup my makeup. I always get complimented on my glowing face and itís all thanks to the NíVive powder. - Monica Nguyen, Taylorsville, Utah


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