About N'Vive

With over seventeen years of service in the Nails-Spa industry, KVN Coskm Inc. is the manufacturer of over 100 products utilized for Nails Suppliers and Private formulations for individual products. N’Vive Essentials is an affiliated corporation, established in California, branching out to the five marketing levels. The five marketing support teams are IXXi Nvive International, Media Shopping Network, Professional Esthetician, Health and Beauty Benefit, and International Professional Nails Suppliers.
The advisory professional board of members are Sabotta CPA accounting, Sobbotta Attorney at law, (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency consultants in California, Chemical Engineers groups, Engineering Associates, Kanpur India Herbal Extraction, Partnership Packaging, Brentag USA Chemicals, TD designers, Sealion Web Designer, JAQ Contractors and Mortgage .

N’Vive Essential Beauty Products is located at:
14802 Moran St.
Westminster, California 

Heart of the Asian Village. 
Our Team had pledged to serve our customers with integrity and care. Our present goal is not just to sell our products, but we are here to serve our unique concept of purpose, have products that really work, and distribute the products at the right price.

N’vive Signature products are:
● N’vive Heals Cracked-skin,
● N’vive  Body Sculpture Cream,
● Song Ngu medicate Ointments,
● CauQ Shampoo Body wash,
● Exfoliator Hair Remover,

"We optimize the chemical ability of our products"  -N'vive Team
Our goal is to meet the professional qualification levels such as, massage therapy body care products, treatments for overly dry skins (psoriasis), Body sculpture cream, Medicated Ointments, and Authentic oils to sooth the body and mind.

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